Shenington - Sunday January 21 2018 by Jez Caudle

Kenny started the 2018 season with a trip to Shenington. Both of his engines are down on power so we were hoping to use dry Saturday to get one of the engines up and then use the weakest engine on wet Sunday.

This plan went out of the window when the weather changed its mind and decided to rain on Saturday. So the plan was to get a wet setup on Saturday that we could use on Sunday and to that end Saturday was a very productive day. Trying to judge the tyre pressures as it got colder and colder wasn’t easy but we got there. The wind and rain got worse and snow started blowing in. By the time we came to scrutineer the wind and rain had stopped and it had warmed up a little – from about minus 3 to just above zero when taking the wind chill into account.

Things were looking good for Sunday – the forecast as we went to bed was for rain. We were surprised then to wake up on Sunday to a few centimetres of snow with more falling. A quick check of the Shenington weather and it was clear that the snow was going to fall for most of the day. We were called to drivers briefing at 9:30am – the officials were confident that rain was coming at 10am. I tried to tell them that the snow was going to be falling most of the day but to no avail. At 10am the snow actually got worse as large flakes started to fall. The officials had been trying to clear the snow from the track and if the rain had come at that point racing would have happened.

But it didn’t stop and it wasn’t until about 11:30am that the snow stopped and the rain started but it was still very cold. Despite the best efforts of the officials the snow simply turned to slush and at 12:30 we were told that the meeting was off as time was running out and the track wasn’t safe. This was the best decision – it was far too cold, slushy and there wouldn’t have been time for proper racing.

Kenny will be back at Shenington in a month for the three day meeting with a practice day at Whilton Mill in the half term.