Forest Edge Kart Club - Sunday September 3 2017 by Jez Caudle

Kenny had the services of Jack Barber for the weekend, his knowledge and teaching ability is top-notch and he soon had Kenny beating his unofficial personal best time on Saturday on the lesser engine. We knew that the rain was coming on Sunday but it wasn't forecast until the afternoon - so we thought he could get a new official personal best in the morning before the rain came.

But the rain came early and stayed all day so Saturday's set up information was filed away with hoped of an official personal best, for another day. Heat 1 went okay, Kenny did a nice pirouette as he came past the grandstand on his penultimate lap to applause from those assembled there.

Heat 2 was less successful - Kenny took to much speed into the bottom corner, tried to brake and spun off into the grass. He was unable to get the kart back on the track and was out after 3 full laps. Ironically I wanted Jack to watch him going up the hill as I didn't think the kart was pulling properly, but Kenny didn't make it.

For Heat 3 Kenny was starting in 2nd place and got a very good start. He was soon down into 3 third and a tap took him off the track. I'm not sure if it was the tap or hitting something during the spin, but his rear bumper detached on one side - a problem he has had before and he got a black and orange flag.

I spent the lunch break making sure his bumper would not be coming out again with out direct intervention - he has had too many bumper problems and that is down to me and me simply not doing the repair job properly. As in all walks of life - bodge jobs will come back and haunt you and take more time than if they had been done properly in the first place.

It was then time for the final. Kenny got a good start and made up a few places before going for a spin in the bottom corner that left him last and 5 seconds behind second last. Unfazed Kenny got his head down and started closing the gap - he caught and over took the lad and ended 6 seconds ahead of him. He made up another place as another lad had a spin or too as well.

Without the spin on the first lap I think he could have finished another place higher - racing around in clean air is harder than following someone. All in all though it was a good weekend with lots of learning and experience being gained.