Forest Edge Kart Club - Sunday July 2 2017 by Jez Caudle

After the debacle at Camberley we arrived at Forest Edge nice and early on the Saturday morning for the practice day. Kenny started the day okay but very soon starting improving and his times came tumbling down as he got into his stride the set changes he wanted helped him. He got into the mid 51's - his fastest unofficial time at Forest. Kenny has pedal extenders and the one on his brake pedal came off during the heat. Luckily it fell onto the kart floor and wedged under the seat so I was able to put it back on. Although he couldn't use the full braking power available he did manage to get a very good time.

We scrutineered and then back to the van to prep the kart for the next day. With no major dramas to sort out I was able to clean the kart, chain etc while cooking the dinner. After our tea we went for a track walk before watching Doctor Who in the van and then bed.

After a good nights sleep and breakfast we did another track walk. The practice session was soon on us and it went well - no dramas. 3 laps isn't enough to get tyre pressures or setup information but it is a chance to make sure everything is bolted on tightly!!

Heat 1 came and in the battle of the novices Kenny won it. The times weren't anything to write home about - he spent most of the race on his own without anyone to follow. Heat 2 was pretty much the same as Heat 1. In Heat 3 his Novice rival got in front of him and pulled a gap. Kenny dug deep and little by little caught before trying an overtake on the inside into Wingers Dip - it was a drag race into the bus stop and Kenny held is nerve and kept the place until the line.

The final came and Kenny's rival got a good start and over took him coming out of Haynes Loop and started to pull a gap. Kenny though didn't give up and again started to close the gap. Kenny then tried an overtake where there wasn't room, made contact and then span. The contact took out the valve from his front left tyre and he came into the pits - he finished 3 laps down but was still classified. He managed to get his official time down to 51.54.

When I reviewed Kenny's data is was clear that he could have gone down a tooth for the final - the problem being that he doesn't have the experience to be able to extract the power and get the extra top speed. We'll know next time.

All in all it was a very good weekend for Kenny - new faster times, more experience.