First IAME test.
With William moving up to X30, Kenny has inherited his IAME chassis and engines. Yesterday he had his first run out in a two stroke and did well until engine problems caused the day to end early.

We arrived at a CKC just after 8am and with brilliant weather forecast all day there was no need for the awning. Kenny was going to be using the number one engine that is a little down on power at the moment. So he would be helping bring it up with some running.

When Kenny in after his first practice his brakes were smoking - he was breaking and accelerating at the same time. He didn't like the set up of the kart so I added more grip front and rear and raised him in the seat. He also needed a cushion to make sure he further enough forward to press the pedals properly. William will be using the kart for his final cadet race this weekend so changing the seat wasn't really an option - I'll be doing that for Kenny after the Easter weekend.

He gained over 2 seconds a lap on his second session, the set up change and his feeling for the kart had improved. The brakes were still far too hot and we talked about pedal use again.

Session three came and he gained a second per lap - things were going well and the brakes were hot but not as warm as last time.

Session four, and Kenny looked quicker but was then touched by another experienced driver who mis-esitmated Kenny's speed on the straight. Kenny's exit from the bus stop is very good and he was reaching a good top speed - although the time he makes there is lost on the other parts of the track. So no blame on the experienced driver who had passed him many times before. The whole valve popped out of Kenny's front left wheel and he came in. This gave me a chance to use my new valve insertion tool and it slipped in very easily.

Since we started karting in 2013 we have never lost a valve - until a few weeks ago then we have lost one each week - three in total. 2 for William and now one for Kenny.

There was a metallic noise coming the clutch at the beginning of session four, which was stopped with a red flag and then re-started. On the restart the noise was more notable so I changed engines when Kenny came in. His times held up but no improvement.

Session 5 was good but when he came in, the changed engine wasn't sounding right and his brakes were very hot. I couldn't restart the engine and fuel was coming out from the wrong place. I've seen this before and when I got the head off I could see that the piston ring was tight - hopefully it can be released.

That ended our day as I didn't want to run the first engine until the clutch has been looked at. We are seeing Steve at Shark on Tuesday. Hopefully the engines will be okay for William's last cadet race.

In the meantime I'm going to rig a cable from the brake and the accelerator so that Kenny can't push both pedals at the same time.

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Author: Jez Caudle. Published: Sunday April 9 2017